Popular DVD duplication Packaging option – Which one is your favorite?

Clients require an instant access to CD duplication and DVD duplication services which is easy-to-approach virtual storefront. Mostly people choose preferred services through convenient online order. It can make you able to access professional duplication and replication services. You can choose quality and price according to your desires and budget.


CD Duplication UK’s wide array of services also includes CD printing & DVD printing directly on the disc itself. For a very attractive price real-time live quote system provides instant prices. A timely service and superb products is being created according to your precise specifications.

You need DVD or CD label printing (direct on to the disc) with five-color graphics, or simple DVD or CD packaging printing to fulfill your requirement in a professional and timely manner CD Duplication UK has variety of options and packages.

Why CD or DVD case is important?

It doesn’t matter what type of DVD or CD case you use, right? Wrong. In most cases, the DVD or CD case is more important than the actual CD label itself, particularly in the consumer markets.

§  CD Cases: They tend to be smaller than DVD cases.

§  Jewel case: These cases are said to pick up light like jewels, as they are transparent plastic, fitted with two arms that support the lid.

§  Digipack: Only one component of plastic Jake case – origami-like Wow Wallet – FCC approved paper and cardboard DVD cases

§  DVD cases: They are typically the size of a thin, A5 book in order to fit small booklets and extra information inside the case.

§  Amaray, jewel cases, digipacks and multi-case options are also available

§  Bespoke packaging solutions available

For those who work with large amounts of files, having these discs ready to go can be very practical and convenient. Anyone who enjoys burning their own content onto CD-R’s will enjoy having a selection of pre-printed discs at the ready condition. CD Duplication UK printing service is a great way to enjoy more organization and ease when it comes to storing digital files. See Details

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