Enhance Your Business with the Right Selected Label Printing Method

Select the right disc label printing method for you. You should always have labels on your CDs to make them attractive. For professionalism and so people know which way the disc should be facing when putting it in a CD player. However, there are four methods for printing labels on your CDs. Chose according to your requirement and make you product worthy.

Four Options are here to Decide 

1-      Lithographic (offset) printing

Lithographic printing is where your artwork is placed on a processing plate using a chemical treatment. The plate is then ‘offset’, or imposed onto a rubber blanket cylinder. This is then pressed onto the surface of the CD to create the print. DVD Duplication UK makes it done in the way that it looks great.  High-quality photographic printing is being provided with sharp text. Overall, this process is great if you need more than 1000 discs.

2-      Thermal transfer printing

When each colour is required to set onto a transfer ribbon and then applied beneath a heated print head Thermal transfer printing is used by DVD Duplication Software. Making the disc waterproof and smudge free this becomes a seal. Directly taken from the computer, fast, cost-effective in small runs and it looks great. You can’t print right up to the edge of the disc and you may need a white base to print other colours on it.

3-      Silkscreen printing

This process passes ink through a monofilament screen, where each color is applied separately. It is the cheapest option for large batches and great for simple designs with minimal colors. Very high-quality finish. Grainy effects often occur around the color gradients and text. 

4-      Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing entails printing directly onto a specially prepared disc. After that, the disc is covered with a UV-resistant lacquer to prevent fading and scratches. It has very high-quality finish, difficult to print rich, genuine nature and sharp detail on these ultra-white matte names utilizing most sorts of inkjet or laser printers.

Scotland DVD Duplication is adding a really expert edge to business presentations.Overall, each one of these four CD label printing techniques is a viable option, but hopefully with the guidance you can focus which printing option works best for your project. Price and quality are usually the determining factors for printing on CD's so focus mostly on that.

CD, duplications, inkjet printing, labels, printing. Scotland DVD Duplication is utilizing overwhelming shading immersion for best results, and notes that imprinting in full shading with your content switched will give text styles and one of a kind look and make them seem to emerge much more. See Details  

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